Logo Design / Brand Development

Your logo represents you, your company and services provided by your company.

Why do I need to hire a designer for my logo?

Your logo design is one of the most important elements to your business. Your prospective customers will often determine who you are, your level of professionalism, your abilities as a company, the level of trust they want to invest in you by that one single element.

Hiring a designer means that you will have a unique brand which builds trust, helps you stand out from your competitors and gives your business' service and products an identity that becomes reconginzable to your consumers.

Okay, but how does my logo build trust?

It's a strange brain function that we should totally consult a doctor about. We unfortunately don't have medical degrees, but offer up this humble explanation:

Predictability in a product or service is comforting, it's reliable, a mainstay, it's trust.

Once you have a logo, you must carry out the brand on all of your collateral materials, from your business cards to your brochures, website(s), invoices... again, it's about consistency, it's about branding.

How it begins: Research and Brainstorming

To begin, we ask questions. Lots of questions. We have a pretty painless form for you to fill out that gives us a lot of information about you, your business and your competitors. Knowing your competitors helps us develop a brand that will be on par to offer them great competition. We also need to know who you are and what your company stands for and what makes you different. Once we have the form returned to us, we begin researching your competition, design trends, what your aspirations are for your business and what sets you apart.

Sketch and Scribbles

Some of the greatest logos have started with a scribble on a napkin, or a folded piece of paper. It could be a pen, a pencil, a sharpie or a borrowed pen from the waitress at the diner. Getting ideas down on a piece of paper helps determine the idea and direction that will make your brand unique and begins the actual design process.

Digital Design Comps

Once the direction of the sketches and scribbles has begun to take shape, we take it to the computer. Using Adobe Illustrator, we begin taking these ideas that were scribbled into a digital media form, selecting fonts and colors that will best represent your company, your brand and your services. Every logo design takes a great deal of effort to create. The most important focus is the effort it takes to develop a solution that is right for your business.

Delivery and Review

After all of the thought and work put into your logo, you will receive a .pdf file, normally showing three to four pretty polished logos. We deliver these once we have reached that critical point where we believe these logos will help direct your company and it's brand in the direction you have requested it go. We will also include a short description of why we believe these logos would work as your logo, include the name of the font used as well as the Pantone colors used, with the CMYK value of those colors.

The Special Touches

Once the logos have been reviewed by you, we'll either finalize the logo design or make any changes that you request. Ultimately you make the decision on your final logo. You hired our company because you trusted our abilities to lead you in the right direction for your brand development, but you have to love your brand in order to stand behind it and believe in it. That means, you have the final say. If you'd like us to change colors, or fonts or capitalize or add a different element, you simply have to make the request and it will be done.

Brand Spankin New

Once the changes have been made and everything approved, it is time to deliver your new baby. We build logos using vector artwork, which means that it can be made larger or smaller without losing quality. It is also what is typically requested when you need signage, t-shirts or any other fun branded items for your company. We will provide you with a slection of file types which are appropriate for both print and online media marketing. In addition, we also provide a reversed out logo, for use on solid darker backgrounds.

These are the file formats that you will receive from us:.eps .psd .ai .jpg .gif .png .tiff

Now that you have a logo what do you do with it?

Now that you've got a brand, we get to work on branding you! Well, not you exactly.... and it shouldn't hurt in any way. We promise.

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